"I love you to the moon and back"
- Drew

"The work is actually pretty fun...and you get choice time!"
- Paul

"You tell me 'Good Job!'"
- Bryce

"Daddy, no bye-bye
soon? "- Keagan
(said half-way through session, looking up at clock)

"No, YOU are a smart cookie"
- Keno to Sara

"I like everything
at Ms. Jan's"
- Kole

"It was funner
than I thought it
would be"
- Mason

"I love working
with Ms. Sara!"
- Jack

"Learn how to
be a better person, get better at stuff, have fun!"
- Ben

"I like Jan's house because she helps me practice hard things"
- Zane

"I love you! You are the best teacher. You should go to the toy store and pick out ANY toy!"
- Drew

- Alex
(while looking Jan right in the eye and swinging)

"I like playing with the dragons!"
- Emma

"I love you on Tuesdays!"
- Will

"I like to swing"
- Gus

"I want to stay here"
- Gavin