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Sensory Processing, often referred to as Sensory Integration, describes the manner in which the nervous system receives and processes information from sensory systems allowing an individual to make adaptive motor and behavioral responses.

Based on research from the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation, SPD affects 1 in every 20 children.  With extensive research and advocacy from the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation, the American Psychiatric Association is considering the addition of “Sensory Processing Disorder” to the DSM-V.  The SPD Foundation will be collecting evidence until 4/20/10 and then sending it to the American Psychiatric Association to support the SPD classification.  Having SPD included in the new DSM-V, which will be published in 2013, would open up an array of positive changes for children who have Sensory Processing Disorder, including  possibilities for additional public school classifications, available therapies, treatment and public recognition.

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Reprinted from an article by Doriet Bialer MA, OTR/L, Summit Professional Education website: