We are making a pledge to “Light It Up Blue” in Support of World Autism Day on April 2, 2013.  In its fourth year, “Light It Up Blue” is a unique global intiative to help raise awareness about Autism.  Iconic landmarks around the world will “Light It Up Blue” to show their support.  We are going to put some blue into April 2nd by replacing our front porch light, stringing lights or wearing blue.  Find out more at www.lightitupblue.org


Jan Shefferly & Frank Swinkey

Sara Kemp & Giles Arendt

Lora and Christopher Clements

Hands on Childrens Museum

Kasey & Justin Ruiz

Elizabeth Catterson

Joe and Linda Swinkey

Scot & Annette McQueen

Louise Boxill

Deliese Catterson

Eric Mallek

Steven Welliever & Jessica Archer

Heide & Doug Caesar

Capitol Playhouse

Mike & Linda Fredericks

Heather & Jake Winfrey

Kellen Krieg

Carolyn & Harrison Fry

Stephanie & Jerod Nace

South Puget Sound Painting

Lauren O’Neill

Kayla Oakes

Karan L Wright

Claudia Rodriguez

The Allen Family

The Williams Family

The Johnson Family

Marcie Taylor

Mario Marini

Brenda Amburgy

Patrick Wigren

Matt Flores

Trish Stier

Michael Berst

Lisa and Lauren Askew

Catriona, Claire and Connor Colerick

Caleb McDonough

Karen White

Leah White

Kellie Anton

Neva Lou Lenk

Robin Zukoski

Katie Kemp

Patty Blackburn

Rachel Ann Swinkey

Lucinda Palmer Lambert

Hazel Lewis

Kristy Dees

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