Monthly Archives: December 2010

I am so pleased to report about the wonderful rejuvenating experience I had attending the National Convention for the American Speech-Language Hearing Association in Philadelphia last month.  I attended intensive courses on a variety of fascinating topics.  I learned so much,  and took home valuable information that I have already begun applying with my clients to enhance the quality of my service. 

I learned new techniques for the dynamic assessment of phonology; explored methods to more accurately measure speech intelligibility and therefore better gauge the efficacy of my treatment plan;  discovered a variety of ways to improve the social thinking skills of students with high-functioning autism;  more sensitive means for screening infants as young as 12 months old for autism along with effective remediation strategies for kids even at such a young age;  as well as information on the most current evidence-based language therapy approaches.  The list goes on!

It was so refreshing being in the thick of the newest, most cutting-edge information, and I returned full of zest and appreciation for my work, and the contribution I’m able to make to the lives of the little ones and families that I work with.

It was also exciting to be able to re-connect with old friends and classmates, professors, to meet researchers in the field, and make new friends that all can continue to enrich my skills.  I even got to visit the Liberty Bell!!